Mar 10, 2011

Flowers Necklace in Jonquil Color

Made with Swarovski Crystal Pendants and Sterling Silver
14mm Flower Pendant in Jonquil Color
12mm Flower pendant in Jonquil Color
Sterling Silver Leaf and Heart Bails
Sterling Silver Heart Chain


  1. wow sandra. it's been a long time i didn't see you post!!! Welcome back dear!! i'm glad you're back :)!

  2. Thank you Noriki. I was very busy with school for the past few months. I am going to graduate in June. Yeaa!

  3. BTW, Noriki, how are you doing lately?

  4. Thats so cute, and so fine. I just love to wear nice but light jewelery, and that is of the same kind. Just love it

  5. OMG, that is so cute and will definitely add to the innocence of young girls, As I don't think that it will suit on a middle aged women like me. nice sharing dear

  6. That's so lovely. I just love the little yellow flower like pendent, as I don't like heavy stuff. Great sharing dear