Mar 9, 2011

MTW's Precious Memory Bracelet

It is my pride and joy to share my memory with the world. Precious memory = priceless!

I created this piece from my memory. When I was a teenager, My friend and I went to a Korean jewelry maker to creat a bracelet with shiny crystal and snap button clasp, which it's similar to this one without the charm. Precious memory is priceless. I am so glad to own my very first crystal bracelet years and years ago, and I hope you do too.
Color: Swarovski tanzanite (purple), crystal clear,
Sterling silver roundelles and anti-tarnish sterling silver puffed heart charm
7 1/4"

MTW Precious Memory Bracelet in Lime w/o charm
Made with Swariovski Crystal clear bicones, lime rounds, Italian sterling silver roundelles, and sterling silver ball and socket clasp. 7 1/4"


  1. I love those "Musical Ear Rings" I would love to have them but I don't have 16$ which is sad!

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